Sport has the incredible ability to surface uncomfortable topics and raise awareness on often marginalized social issues. With its one-of-a-kind virtue of bringing people together, on and off the field, companies have much to learn from sports and are gradually incorporating inclusive practices into their corporate culture. MM is doubling down on its editorial  work on topics such as Mental Health, Social Justice, and Gender Equality as well as on its commitment to DE&I by proactively seeking to learn from social movements and incorporate change within its corporate culture. 

Through this thought leadership series, Minute Media is hosting seeking to learn from inspiring athletes, culture shifters and social movements to incorporate change within its corporate culture and lead the way for other organizations to follow.

Part 1: The Art Of Storytelling In Creating Change For Women In Sports - Wednesday, July 27 at 1PM EST

Gender inequality is a topic that Minute Media has always focused on, and through the years they have worked with a number of high profile female athletes by telling their stories to help create change in the way women are viewed in work and in society.

This panel will look at the responsibility of sports to tell a wider story, and how change can be accelerated by giving female role models a leading role and a prominent voice. 

You may expect to learn:

  • How to use your voice to become part of the change we’d like to see for women in sports

  • How to amplify your passion for sports to make your mark 

  • Case studies for breaking boundaries through creative interventions 


Tohar Kait
Yael Averbuch
Sean Conboy
Erin Blankenship

Part 2: Choose to Include - Wednesday, August 11 at 1PM EST

Sports has been a role model as an area that has made marked progress in fostering a greater sense of inclusion. When we can create an environment where everyone feels truly supported, people are much more likely to feel comfortable taking risks, innovating and experimenting.

Companies today have much to learn from the way sports has gone beyond inclusion to adopt a Unified approach, joining people with and without disabilities on the same team, and grounding empathy with real world inclusivity in our company culture, our teams and our communities.

You may expect to learn:

  • Explore what organizations are doing to incorporate inclusive practices 

  • Discuss mutual themes between sports inclusion and inclusion in the workplace

  • Learn 1st hand, from an athlete with disabilities on the having a voice and taking the lead



Matthew Malady
Zach  Best
Sharon  Levy-Blanga
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Part 3: Coming Soon!



Choose to Include


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