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How Teams, Leagues, & Media Companies Are Monetizing The Sports Betting Revolution*
*With Updates On Q1 2021 Deals & Trends

Sports Betting Monetization Seminar - Hashtag Sports-7

Chris Russo, CEO of Fifth Generation Sports

Sports Betting Monetization Seminar - Hashtag Sports-2

Seminar Overview:

As legalized sports betting rapidly expands across the United States, gambling simultaneously expands its influence on sports fan discourse and engagement, and given the intense competition among sports book operators, significant marketing dollars are already being spent to acquire customers and gain market share, providing a major new revenue opportunity for those with existing sports audiences.

But how can sports teams, leagues, broadcasters and publishers capitalize on sports betting through new initiatives and strategic partnerships?

Designed for Director, VP and C-Suite executives in sales, marketing and revenue roles, the Sports Betting Monetization Seminar will be led by industry consultant Chris Russo (CEO of Fifth Generation Sports) and will offer insights to help you develop new strategies, understand partnership blueprints and best practices, and drive potential new revenues and fan engagement.


By the end of this seminar,
you will have key takeaways on:

  • How organizations are best positioning themselves for sports betting opps
  • Key industry trends impacting teams, leagues, and media companies
  • Impact of sports betting on content and fan engagement
  • Selection of strategic partner(s) and entering short term vs long term agreements
  • Types of partnership consideration (e.g. sponsorship fee vs. affiliate fee)
  • A review of major team, league, and media company sports betting arrangements

Note: The Seminar will not provide financial/investment, legal, or regulatory advice.

Sports Betting Seminar

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